June 14th, 2019

Well that went horribly wrong. I decided to be social yesterday instead of resting up. To give you some idea of how much that backfired, I nearly had to call in sick today. As it is I can just about function, but I am what you might call “critical” right now, whereby if I don’t start easing off the “always available, always on” mentality, then I am going to crash hard imminently.

Did not manage to write WHT yesterday with all that, so I have another short story to link below. I am feeling pretty positive about my “Living Earth Mythos”, though all the short stories so far are A) too short, and 2) in need of quality/consistency rewrites. Having this little sub-series going on is heartening for me, as even if it is not a full blown project yet I’m still growing two different worlds side by side. That is a first for me.

Right, so today is a bit quieter, so if I can keep my head together and make it to 5 then I can squeeze out another short – I don’t hold out much hope for WHT when I am like this – and then I am going to sleep at 8. Enough of this mess. The last three months have been so unpleasant, but I am glad that despite everything I am still churning out content at a reasonable rate considering an intense full time job.

Now if only people were reading it…