June 13th, 2019

Yesterday WHT reached 30,000 words in length. All told that puts the halfway point the equivalent of a short chapter – 8,000 words – within grasp. This is pretty exciting for me all told as I have never successfully chained two projects like this. While I am not going to attempt NaNoWriMo later this year unless I hit the ground running with TSS right after, I almost don’t need to.

This is because for me my writing is not about publicity. I would like to be able to turn writing into my full time profession, but I would continue to write even if I had to chain multiple jobs for enough income alongside it. I’m grateful that for now I balance with one mainstream job, but all the same if writing was my job – which to be honest is how I now see it in my head – I imagine I would be achieving mini NaNoWriMos throughout the whole year.

I managed to claw my sleep routine back into shape yesterday by writing from 5-6pm. I opened my journal as soon as I was off the clock, and took that following hour to correct my progress. My plan is to do the same today, and match that with a significant early night, say 8pm. If I manage that, I may be able to try to kick off my early walk/write plan I have been sitting on all this time.

I am considering my next steps if the above works too. If I am able to produce 1K earlier in the day once again in a more sustainable way, then I think I should follow that up with more short story writing. If I publish these as an anthology to WattPad then it allows me to build more attention with more frequent updates. I think for this to be feasible I would need to have a bank of at least 20, with the idea being to release two a week alongside main content for 5,000 to 6,000 words a week.

Merits more thought.