June 12th, 2019

I have an Urza at last!

Ok this time no paragraphs of Magic gibberish. I am so shattered, and really it’s my own fault. I keep doing my daily writing far too late, and that chains exhaustion together to the point I end up in a permanent state of fatigue. In the last ten days I have not managed eight hours of sleep for a night once. By this point I am coming close to non-functional.

I think for now this kills any side projects or any thought of NaNoWriMo. I am no where near ready for the intensity that dual wielding would entail. I want to get to that point, will need to in fact to make any money from this endeavour; quality quantity consistently delivered will be the long term means of building an audience.

The last two days I have managed tiny fractions of WHT, and otherwise wrote two short stories. I have linked to them below, and both are pretty rough at the moment. For some curious reason I keep writing horror in short form. I think the shorter medium is better for lulling false security then wrenching it away, at least for me right now.

I hope today marks me lifting myself out of this rut.

New Short Stories:

The Hungering Fruit

The Rumble Below

Both of these are, ok. They’re interesting starts, but neither is of fantastic quality yet. If I keep doing horror shorts on the side then there is some potential for a “living world” mythos being developed over time. One to think about. I will probably see if I do a few more, then if I start finding the series’ voice I may serialise these on WattPad alongside the main series.