June 11th, 2019

I had an awful night, but today I am driven and I have a little project I wanted to work on, so I’m going to do that for target today and squeeze in WHT if I have time. It is far better that I hit target early today and get some sleep than nail 1,000 words of the story, because I am out of sync at the moment and need to look after myself.

I won’t say any more about it yet, but I think it could be a really interesting side project. It may come to nothing, but it could also be a really great publicity piece. The one thing it will be missing if I follow through is the music. Maybe that is a small clue, but we will see. At the very least it should be a great piece of practice.

I have kept my routine in tact through the exams period, but now I should have a shot at pushing for the morning walk/writing model I discussed a short while ago. We will have to wait until tomorrow morning to see if it works, but I have cautious optimism.