June 10th, 2019

Almost nothing I talked about yesterday as plans happened. That turned out to be fine for the most part, because I helped my sister with a project, worked on WHT for 1K in the evening, and inbetween played Magic at Mana as I decided to buy a box of Modern Horizons instead of Urza.

The main two reasons for this were I prefer opening sealed product and playing pack wars or maybe drafting, and because nobody opened a freaking Urza. Seriously what is he a Masterpiece series card? I can’t be too mad as the box by my random stupid luck may not have contained an Urza, but had literally every other card I was hoping to get.

Ok so now I have alienated the 100% of my audience that does not play Magic: The Gathering – psyche! Can’t alienate readers you don’t have. That’s cooking with money. Seriously I did not get enough sleep last night so I am a bit weird today – then, wait no I am sorry I can’t just make an aside that long and slip back into the first sentence all natural. This paragraph is an unmitigated disaster.

Ahem. Now that I have alienated everyone with Magic and, well ^ that, I have to say Taft is starting to move from that mental space where projects live pre-30K of “I want to write this” to “I want to finish this”. That tipping the scales moment means I now don’t feel in quite the same uphill struggle as I did at the project’s outset.

I have a little over sixty days to finish the story within my ideal deadline, at which point I start work on TSS. This then presents an interesting opportunity. I alluded yesterday to how little I want to write WAN, and then pondered doing it for NaNoWriMo. And to be honest that is not a bad idea at all.

There are two reasons for this and one against. The first reason to do it is it gets the wretched thing out of the way. I have to write it because I have to get it out of my head, and it’s important to the story’s cannon. The second reason is NaNoWriMo – assuming anyone follows it anymore – might be good for publicity.

The argument against however is a good one: traditionally, November is my worst month for mental health and stability. While no initiative like my 1K project has ever been this wildly successful, several past projects have crashed and burned with me as collateral in this month. I knew 1K was a keeper when it weathered the month without a scratch last year.

But is forcing myself to endure my most hated story tempting fate? That’s what I have to decide. But even if I choose not to risk it, it’s not like I can run from my demons forever.