June 4th, 2019

Despite operating on less than six hours sleep this morning I am doing pretty well. Ok so I have no words written yet which is a little unfortunate – albeit not that surprising seeing as I have been working since 7am – but I feel great.

That is, unusual, I would expect based on the data of the last 8 months that I would be non-functional under these conditions, yet I am the opposite. That is intriguing because it opens a new possibility: what if early activity is good for early productivity for me?

That is not a new idea. The notion that getting up and moving about eases lethargy is a well established trope. But what I never considered was, if I were to say get up at 7:00, shower then leave at 7:30, and arrive at work at 8:30, then I get my brain flowing in the morning with 40 active minutes before I even reach a desk.

Here is the kicker: it does not necessarily need to be my work desk that I reach. If I come in that early, then go sit in the library for half an hour, I can do almost the exact same amount of writing as I was on peak – ten minutes shy of average but I could aim for 8:20 – and then sit at my desk guilt free, knowing “CDWC” was not going to say 0.

It’s a thought. As this week is a little unconventional I won’t get to test it Thursday or Friday, but I can test it tomorrow. This would also mean my active minutes are all banked before I even blog, so any evening walk becomes a bonus and a treat instead of a chore.

Assuming I keep my head on straight, I will be completing Chapter 3 of WHT today. I feel like I’m hitting my stride again with it now. Once you hit 3 chapters a story feels more real. Whether that’s because agents ask for 3 – not that I submit anymore – or because it is a critical mass that draws out the rest, it’s a fantastic feeling.