June 3rd, 2019

I am sad. I found out today that pocket US Constitutions only date back to the 1950s. If they could have only appeared another 40 years sooner I would have been able to make a really good moment out of one in the scene I’ll write today. All the same I think the scene as I have it written at the moment is more than amusing enough.

I am doing pretty good otherwise. I could not sleep properly last night, but still managed to get within 7 minutes of eight hours of sleep. I have been doing pretty well on my words recently, and all told yesterday hitting 1K’s 250 days was an amazing feeling. With until mid August on my new timeline to finish the first draft, I feel like I have this situation under control at last.

I will be taking my lunch break today to sit in the library and write. I hope I manage to do this, as chaining good days has an exponential effect after a few in a row. My one regret at the moment is I have not done anywhere near enough with WattPad yet. So that is my weekend goal.