May 24th, 2019

I really need to get my head on straight.

I had a fun day yesterday, but ended up getting home much later than I originally meant to. And I ended up hitting target far later than I would have wanted to for a day off. It’s the result of a week filled with awful nights of less than 7 hours sleep, and I have to use my three day weekend to break that cycle.

I haven’t written much if any of WHT this week, and suprise suprise guess what the word count is? 20,000, or in other words yet again I hit a snag at a 10k mark. What’s really odd is I do not think the story itself caused it this time. I think I just had one of my bad turns.

I used to get these a lot. When I was younger or in my university days my mental health would snap, and I would go days at a time without sleep that after the fact I could not remember. The funny part is, I feel the same way as I did back then, but 1K has been working overtime as my anchor?

Is it super late? Write. Finished writing? Journal. Finished the journal? Sleep. Ok so I only got into bed at gone 1am, but this same kind of break in the past would have been at least one all nighter, and could have chained two. While my productivity on one specific project has slowed down, I am glad that as a whole I am in tact.

So yesterday I didn’t write what I meant to; if you read yesterday’s post I talked about writing some WattPad reviews, which is now kicking off fingers crossed at the latest tomorrow. Instead I wrote a surreal short story that I think was the result of my brain being a bit fried. However there’s no harm in sharing, so here you go:

May 23rd, 2019

WattPad launch is all done now; I’ll be hitting target today and hopefully smashing it by writing a ton of reviews on WattPad and in doing so hopefully gaining some attention. I’m going to read a bit of everything, and I hope make some friends doing it.

Hospital appointment today looks to have ruled out any form of lymphatic cancer at last, which is a huge weight off my shoulders. That’s not a pun I intended but I stand by it. More importantly it was at the Conquest hospital in Hastings, so I had an excuse to visit my favourite place in the world.

I used to spend hours on end here when I was younger. I’d hop on the train to Ore just to sit at the station on my own away from all the confusing parts of my life. I borrowed the location – if not the reason – for Heather’s character and her escape from the world. Most of my story ideas were conceived here.

There is a reason that the whole series is the “Service” to Ore. It’s my small way of honouring this place as my special escape. It’s wonderful coming here now because the station has really been looked after since I first came here. The bridge is painted and more sturdy; the CCTV is fixed, the litter is reduced and thanks to some new developments there’s a shop, Subway and even part of my own college nearby. The station actually gets used and that makes me happier than I can say. Ore deserved this love for years.

That’s where Halos appears, which is now much more inviting platform space than it used to be. It was never this well painted or tidy back then. It’s even more of a positive place to be now. I love just watching people flow through it. Much less lonely now.

This visit has done me a world of good. I do need to come back more often and soak it in. It doesn’t matter that it looks so different. Heck they could build a ticket office and rename it “Ore Valley” or even worse “Hastings East” and none of it would matter. It will always be Ore, always be that escape for me. I owe this little station everything.

May 22nd, 2019

I am exhausted, and I do need to write today don’t get me wrong, but I am too tired to write at the moment. I am operating on a very tiny amount of sleep, and it’s making me woozy and unable to focus. I am barely functioning, and that’s going to make today pretty stressful.

To be honest there’s not much I can do, except to muscle through today and then get some sleep after work. The tricky part of that, today is my one chance to go to the shop, so I have to make painful choices.

Oh and I now have to build the new Urza for a format, not sure if EDH or Modern. I adore it, but I’m sad I can’t make it work in my cube. That has nothing to do with writing, it’s just cool. ALSO SQUIRRELS. Ok enough.


May 21st, 2019

Today was a bit of a special case, because I didn’t wake up at 7am. I turned up at work at 7am, I woke up just before 6am. I have been working at my desk and running across the college outside of that.

I will write later, but as with yesterday where my routine got totalled and I started getting run down I think I’ll do target today with some character descriptions. These are useful so I do not feel too bad about taking time out to do them, and I would rather avoid burning out.

Right, back to work.

Right back to

May 20th, 2019

Yeah I messed up. I hit target yesterday all with WHT, but now I’m here on a Monday with a daily word count of zero, and it’s all because I stayed up far too late. I put it down to stress to be honest, and not taking enough time for myself until this weekend. I had a great time relaxing but it did total my routine a bit.

I did not bring lunch with me today either which is bad. My morning ended up too cramped and I ran out of time to put it together. Just means I’ll have to make do with the canteen, which is always fun because they are so unhealthy here. It’ll do, but this was avoidable.

Or, was it. I mean if I was so badly in need of this brief rest that it messed everything else up, that implies I was already in dire straits. Maybe I need to accept that this will happen sometimes, and that as long as I hit target earlier than 7 – or, stay late today – I’ll be fine. But I have a plan for kicking things right back into gear.

Tomorrow is the big English and Maths exams day, and I have volunteered to come in for 8. Yes that’s right, I have to get up at 7 and shower right away to get to work on time. I’m forcing my own hand and I guess we will see if it works. Here’s hoping I’m not dicing with hubris.

May 19th, 2019

Damn it, I forgot to blog this morning. Weekends are getting unstructed again. Well Chapter 2 is done, 1,055 words of Chapter 3, and really sorry but I need to sleep. I am already pushing it a little today as I need to go get my 30 minutes of cardio done before I can sleep so keeping this brief.

So tl;dw (too long, didn’t write) I’m on a roll. Rest weekend was fantastic. Screwed up and forgot to do a bunch of things. Whoops. Will play catch up to make up for it. Sayonara.

May 18th, 2019

Today I had a long lie in as tomorrow evening stretched out a lot, so it’ll be a late target. Little annoying but eh, is what it is, and I got my 8 hours which is the priority.

Hopefully will finish Chapter 2 today which will be sweet. Also got my darling friend making something super sweet undercover for Unreachable. Watch this space.