May 30th, 2019

This week has been, weird. Yesterday ended up as a bit of a failure as I had to do all my writing from about 10:50pm onwards. So today as a follow up to yesterday’s entry, I am going to post mortem the events that led to that problem, and what I think was the ultimate problem.

First let’s begin with the immediate aftermath of the blog entry. After completing the entry, I found myself feeling motivated to write right away. The reason I did not, was because I needed to get back to work. This is interesting, as it hints that a little writing exercise such as this goes a long way, and I should be experimenting with these more.

At lunch, I did not end up writing any words, and in part this was because I worked through it out of habit. This is tricky, and is a state of affairs so I have breaks free for other activities. That might seem counter intuitive – why not just use it as a break and write – but the reason is simple: my writing is poor while I eat.

I then took a break from my desk. I tried to sit in the library but it was closed at 1, which was about half an hour before I got there. I then sat in the cafe, opened the journal, and got spammed with phone calls from work numbers. I rushed back to my desk only to find there was no urgent issue. The only real take away from this is I should turn my phone off on break.

When it got to 5, I left work because I wanted to go to the shop. At the shop I fell into socialising rather than working in my downtime. Again, this is an outcome I could have told you would happen because that always happens. The frustrating part is in hindsight, I wish I’d just gone home and written. This is what I will be doing today.

So by the time we got to me being at home, I was stressed and exhausted. When I am like this, I cannot write stories, and even lore is a struggle. If I had written earlier in the day at almost any of the chances I had, I would have hit target with WHT; as it is, not a single word of target was WHT.

So how am I going to mitigate this today? Well for a start, I will take my actual break, and use it to write. I will stay after 5 until I hit target. Finally, I will go to bed a lot earlier tonight to offset the damage. On this note, I am going to stop replying to messages after 10pm. That pains me to do, but at this point for my health, I do not feel I have a choice.