May 28th, 2019

Eight months and one day into 1K. I did mean to acknowledge this yesterday but was still in a weird mental place at the time. By now back at my desk and with my day to day work-tasks I feel that weird cloud over me shifting away, so I feel more able to dive into this one.

I do find it curious that 1K has not cured my funny turns, but has beyond any doubt prevented them tearing at the other parts of my life. The closest idea I have for how to describe it would be it’s like a “Weeping Angel” problem, which 1K fixes by always keeping an eye on the encroaching problem. I tend to lose my grip when I stop paying attention, but because I do this blog and my journal each day I can see even the slightest shift into undesirable territory.

As for the actual content, I have produced WHT content for 3 days in a row now which is good, but not in the mornings. Today will be a trickier beast, but should be within my ability to pull off. Apart from no morning writing and an RP session tonight, I have my delayed food shopping after work. That makes today tight, but the silver lining is that as RP tonight is a session 0, I should be able to do some of my writing there. Combine that with a desire to recapture lunchtime writing, and I think I will still break even.