May 27th, 2019

I’m in a bit of a weird place at the moment. It’s hard to explain but I’m going to try and ramble it out and see where I end up. Suffice to say, I’m writing, which is good, and clicking with the story – also good.

I also feel disconnected from reality – less good. That’s a hard thing to unpick, but I think right now I’m in the same sort of state I end up in for most of my “goes a bit funny” phases, but because I have to write my 1K I’ve stayed consuous of what’s going on the whole time.

It’s left me in a sort of semi out of body state that is hard to describe. First, it shows I am much more burned out than I realised. Second it shows just how well 1K works at keeping my head on straight, and lastly, it feels really really weird.

Either way I’m back at work tomorrow and need to ensure I stay on a good routine in the meantime. That should be fine, but I’m either poorly or beyond full functionality right now, so who knows. I mean at least I’m writing.

WattPad is up to 13 views with one vote still. A friend suggested when I have a but more up that the views will come in more, so I’ll need to wait and see on that one. But even 13 and one vote feels pretty good.