May 26th, 2019

It’s embarrassing that it’s taken me one day shy of eight months straight of writing a thousand words every single day – fully aware from day one I might add that coffee helps me write – that going to sit in a cafe at midday on weekends after a full night’s sleep makes the task, well, easy.

In case this isn’t obvious, I am dumb. If I need to make it more obvious, try the fact that for years I only ever wrote in cafes because of how zen they are. The phrase “making this needlessly difficult” comes to mind.

I think that’s how I right the ship and keep it on course on weekends. The cafe I found a love for today was Skylark on Grove Road, which I will definitely if it’s open tomorrow come back to. I wrote well over target by a few hundred words, and I was a bit rushed because it was close to closing. If a coffee buys me an hour and I have the whole afternoon, I would happily drop £9 (3 coffees plus a generous tip) for target+.

After these last 3 days, I feel over my 20K slump, and I hope another doesn’t hit at 30K. I’ve got to be careful not to let that be self fulfilling. All told though I’m making incredible pace for me, so I can hardly complain. Now I just need to do that WattPad review spree…