May 25th, 2019

Today I rested up, and was going to devote my afternoon to writing. Once again that turned into me having to devote my energy over to someone else, which sounds really bad to complain about, but I do get a little frustrated at the lack of respect I can be shown at times.

The good news is yesterday I wrote 800 words of WHT as part of 1K, so I am clawwing my way back. If I am allowed to have my time off this time, I should be able to get back into the swing of the story again. When I wrote Volcano I did not struggle like this every 10K; a lot of the times it was much more subtle. I’m hoping the worst is passed me for now.

TUS is up to 9 reads on WattPad, which is nice. It also has one vote which is very satisfying to see. What I want to do is do a reviews binge on the site to make some friends and connections. That’s what I’ve heard is the best way to go about WattPad, and to be honest it’s just nice to be putting my work out there. If it gets traction great. If not, then ah well I tried. And as I have content guranteed for at least a year, and on current pace for two and a half, I can afford it to take awhile to achieve lift-off.