May 24th, 2019

I really need to get my head on straight.

I had a fun day yesterday, but ended up getting home much later than I originally meant to. And I ended up hitting target far later than I would have wanted to for a day off. It’s the result of a week filled with awful nights of less than 7 hours sleep, and I have to use my three day weekend to break that cycle.

I haven’t written much if any of WHT this week, and suprise suprise guess what the word count is? 20,000, or in other words yet again I hit a snag at a 10k mark. What’s really odd is I do not think the story itself caused it this time. I think I just had one of my bad turns.

I used to get these a lot. When I was younger or in my university days my mental health would snap, and I would go days at a time without sleep that after the fact I could not remember. The funny part is, I feel the same way as I did back then, but 1K has been working overtime as my anchor?

Is it super late? Write. Finished writing? Journal. Finished the journal? Sleep. Ok so I only got into bed at gone 1am, but this same kind of break in the past would have been at least one all nighter, and could have chained two. While my productivity on one specific project has slowed down, I am glad that as a whole I am in tact.

So yesterday I didn’t write what I meant to; if you read yesterday’s post I talked about writing some WattPad reviews, which is now kicking off fingers crossed at the latest tomorrow. Instead I wrote a surreal short story that I think was the result of my brain being a bit fried. However there’s no harm in sharing, so here you go: