May 23rd, 2019

WattPad launch is all done now; I’ll be hitting target today and hopefully smashing it by writing a ton of reviews on WattPad and in doing so hopefully gaining some attention. I’m going to read a bit of everything, and I hope make some friends doing it.

Hospital appointment today looks to have ruled out any form of lymphatic cancer at last, which is a huge weight off my shoulders. That’s not a pun I intended but I stand by it. More importantly it was at the Conquest hospital in Hastings, so I had an excuse to visit my favourite place in the world.

I used to spend hours on end here when I was younger. I’d hop on the train to Ore just to sit at the station on my own away from all the confusing parts of my life. I borrowed the location – if not the reason – for Heather’s character and her escape from the world. Most of my story ideas were conceived here.

There is a reason that the whole series is the “Service” to Ore. It’s my small way of honouring this place as my special escape. It’s wonderful coming here now because the station has really been looked after since I first came here. The bridge is painted and more sturdy; the CCTV is fixed, the litter is reduced and thanks to some new developments there’s a shop, Subway and even part of my own college nearby. The station actually gets used and that makes me happier than I can say. Ore deserved this love for years.

That’s where Halos appears, which is now much more inviting platform space than it used to be. It was never this well painted or tidy back then. It’s even more of a positive place to be now. I love just watching people flow through it. Much less lonely now.

This visit has done me a world of good. I do need to come back more often and soak it in. It doesn’t matter that it looks so different. Heck they could build a ticket office and rename it “Ore Valley” or even worse “Hastings East” and none of it would matter. It will always be Ore, always be that escape for me. I owe this little station everything.