May 20th, 2019

Yeah I messed up. I hit target yesterday all with WHT, but now I’m here on a Monday with a daily word count of zero, and it’s all because I stayed up far too late. I put it down to stress to be honest, and not taking enough time for myself until this weekend. I had a great time relaxing but it did total my routine a bit.

I did not bring lunch with me today either which is bad. My morning ended up too cramped and I ran out of time to put it together. Just means I’ll have to make do with the canteen, which is always fun because they are so unhealthy here. It’ll do, but this was avoidable.

Or, was it. I mean if I was so badly in need of this brief rest that it messed everything else up, that implies I was already in dire straits. Maybe I need to accept that this will happen sometimes, and that as long as I hit target earlier than 7 – or, stay late today – I’ll be fine. But I have a plan for kicking things right back into gear.

Tomorrow is the big English and Maths exams day, and I have volunteered to come in for 8. Yes that’s right, I have to get up at 7 and shower right away to get to work on time. I’m forcing my own hand and I guess we will see if it works. Here’s hoping I’m not dicing with hubris.