May 17th, 2019

It feels, phenomenal to have hit target before I blog. I have done this on occasion off the top of my head since I finished Volcano, but I think this is the first day where it has both all been story content, and all come before 10am, when I am supposed to write the blog entry. I can identify all the factors that led to this moment, because this early target did not appear from nowhere.

First off, early target requires early writing. That sounds like a redundant statement, except I am talking about writing less than an hour after waking up in the morning, and that waking time being the 7am target. I wrote 768 words before leaving the house today, which meant the remaining 232 words – or 240 in total with the 8 additional – were easy to fit between waiting for morning reports to download.

But that does not appear out of nowhere, and I have finally figured out why it takes awhile to get back into this routine. Once again, it all comes down to “one step at a time”. Yesterday I wrote at 8:10. The day before I made sure to get up early, but otherwise left writing until later. And in the days before I focused on sleep habit.

So it works like this. First I need to ensure I am getting eight hours minimum a night, and that this is no longer novel. If it is a shock to my system, the effect is similar to a bad night’s sleep. When my rhythm is back to where I want it, I next have to ensure those eight hours are complete by 7am. That takes awhile too, and note as of yet any hint of morning writing is absent.

Only when I have set this in place do I attempt morning writing, and even then, I only do a small amount to start with, increasing the quantity over time. Today I started at 7:50. Tomorrow will be on an 11:23 till 8:23 nights sleep as I will be at the shop, so the equivalent will be I start writing at 9:10. It sounds a little over the top, but this kind of planned routine is vital to early targets.

And early targets are vital to my wellbeing, because as I alluded tonight I am going to the shop, and I get to enjoy that guilt-free knowing target is already smashed. As I now let myself do my journal sooner too, I will either do this at lunch or at the end of the day, depending on how I feel. Right now, I feel pretty great.

Also I ended up writing a pretty badass scene for Taft, so that’s going to be fun to share when the time comes. I hope he would have found it as amusing as is intended, which to be fair based on my research, I am pretty sure he would have.