May 16th, 2019

That’s a little more like it. This morning I did what I always used to with Volcano during the good periods: I wrote a couple of lines on the whiteboard at home before bed of what would happen in the 1,000 words that I would write the next day of WHT. It worked really well, sort of.

I woke up at 7, and for the most part went right back into my old routine, with one small but key difference. I did the whole process a lot slower than I did in the past. That meant by the time I sat down to write – even without breakfast which I pushed to my desk at work – I started writing at 8:10.

The bulk of the total on Twitter for today so far came from that 22 minute writing session which is good, but it shows that in the morning at least on paper, I am producing about 21 words a minute. I am comfortable with that as a pace, because speed has never been a fetish of writing for me like it is for some, but it does mean that to hit target before work, I have to start writing at about 7:40am to hit target before leaving.

Am I that bothered about that? I can get back into a routine where I’m at my desk at half past and start writing between then and that cut off, but is it crucial? Well, kind of. I’m at work at the moment, and while due to the short time it takes to write these posts my conscience is clear in doing these on the clock – they help my morning concentration and help order my day too, so there’s that – story writing is different.

I have tried writing on my breaks as past entries show, but it never feels right. I work best at my desk, but as I don’t have a big neon sign that says “I am on break” above my head I feel like it looks bad when I do. I chipped a few extra words before I started this, but it felt awkward.

I am today also considering options for uploading Unreachable to WattPad. This is a little tricky, as that kind of upload would work best if I broke up the story into several small pieces, say about 3-4 thousand words each, but this does not feel right. If I do hit target before I leave today and am not so burned out I can’t focus right again, then I need to do some investigating here.