May 14th, 2019

Happy birthday Laura!

Words in the morning! Hallelujah I never thought I’d see the day again. Ok that’s an exaggeration but it has been a little bit grim for a while. Yesterday I wrote 100 words of WHT and the rest was planning, but that planning was the one lines that I can use as prompts to write the entire rest of the story. That is significant because this is how I finished Volcano, and I think it’s just good practice in general.

So what I did was take my combined research of how I like to pace stories and best practice from everything ranging from writing to film, and have a nice pace ready to go now for the story. 61 key points that will grow as I write to nearer 70 I would imagine, each being at or in excess of a thousand words, which when all is said and done will make a 75k story.

I have often thought about writing longer form stories, but I just enjoy a tight narrative and the faster pacing keeping it below 80k gives you. It makes you advance the story with enhanced urgency, as well as making each story roughly the same length. As they are all chapters of one overarching narrative, this means if you prefer longform you can just wait for the one million plus word epic that is the whole series as one story.

All that to come. For now I hope to have target done before I leave work today by picking off small bits and pieces between tasks, and then for another relaxed evening. I ended up letting myself rest until 8 today and feel much more like my old self again for it, thanks to a 9 hour sleep. On that note, I think I should consider aiming for “in bed at 9”, or “up at 7:30 in bed at 9:30”, as I was not letting myself rest enough. One to ponder.