May 13th, 2019

I am not on top form at the moment to be sure. Yesterday I tried to have a more restful day, wrote 400 words right after my blog but was feeling burned out, so tried to have a relaxed rest of the day, went for a long walk, went to the shop, lost track of time, and finished target at midnight. Yeah, so that went wrong.

I need to be more strict on getting home by 9PM. AND, I need to be more strict on doing more writing in the morning. I do however have a good reason why I feel I have stalled at the moment, and it should on paper be an easier thing to sort once I get past it.

I work best when I know what I want to pace out my later chapters as. By the time I get to the chapter 5s and 6s, I can have 7 to 8 headings that convert into 1,000 word chunks. Right now I haven’t nailed the story’s feel yet, but I think if I get past this it will not be long till I hit that stride. I would like to by at least chapter 4, but if I could do it by the start of chapter 3 that would be fantastic.

I guess we will see.