May 12th, 2019

I’m trying something new today with this blog post. First of all, I’m sitting at my desk at home and writing it on my phone. The reason this is a bit different needs because normally I would be typing this at a computer, or typing this on my phone. Ok so that doesn’t sound that different, but what if I told you that instead of typing I’m dictating this to my phone. And then, what if I told you this was my plan for how to type up Volcano.

It doesn’t seem a perfect method as I do have to stop and start to add punctuation and correct words that the Pixel – bless it’s heart – just gets completely wrong, but this is quite a nice way to do it. I could see it being a much easier way for me to type up a large block of text and then later adding the punctuation, which feels like it takes longer but is a hell of a lot easier.

Ease-of-use isn’t really the main reason that this appeals to me. One of the key things you have to do when your editing a work is make sure it’s sounds right when it is read out loud; if I do it this way it means that I have to listen to how it sounds as I’m doing it. I can make them make those edits on the fly as I go, and as a bonus I get the write up done so quickly that I could do Volcano on the last day of WHT rather than 1,000 each day alongside.

All in all, for blog post like this it’s a lot more work than it’s worth, but I’m interested to see how this will work when it comes to doing Volcano’s write up. Also for the record I will not be counting words that I dictate as part of 1K, which I was never going to count anyway if I was writing up after I’d written 1,000 words of William Howard Taft for the day first.

Other than that today is pretty uneventful. I overslept quite badly again which isn’t great, but it could be a lot worse, and on the weekends I’m trying to focus on getting at least a 8 hours, rather than necessarily the 7am start at least for now. Long-term I want to make that 7am start more consistent but I need enough sleep.

I’m going to try and sit down and get my 1K in now with WHT. After that I’m going to see if I can will myself to spend the day playing video games. I really need to do more of that.