May 11th, 2019

I slept in because I was exhausted. Considering I otherwise get up at 7 each day a 9:48 start is, weird. But I feel a lot better, though I need an early night to avoid my biological clock shifting to late night mode.

Yesterday I think I hit the wall. I couldn’t bring myself to write WHT, and I have to be honest I still kind of feel like that. It’s not a permanent thing a lot of the time, but I have to respect that pushback.

On that note I think it’s time for me to accept that 4 month blocks might be better for me than 3 month ones. I’m still working to the July 13th deadline for first draft of WHT, but the odds are slim. Still I made that deadline up so I can do what I like.

For now, I’m going to see if I feel more like writing in a couple hours after some food and a less intense start to the day. Also should with luck be sorting the sale of about 60~ Magic cards to buy a new Keyboard for work.