May 9th, 2019

For the first time in weeks I got a full night’s sleep. As I predicted I did not end up being able to write in the morning, but I felt a lot better for it. I think if I can chain a few of these together then I will get back on my feet in no time. But more important is I am starting to fall in love with WHT at last.

I think I needed to remember why I fell in love with the concept half a decade ago, and it was oddly coming across someone else’s William Howard Taft time travel story that did it. Because unsurprisingly I am not the first person to send Taft through time. I was delighted to find there is a book, called Taft 2012, that sees Taft travel to 2012 I believe to then run for President again.

So you might think “hang on, doesn’t someone else having done it with the same person take the edge off your idea?” and well, yes, if that was the core idea. But it gave me the spark that reminded me the time travel was never the hook for me, as important as it is. Hence the new tagline for WHT: “The Greatest Conspiracy Theory of All Time”.

So yeah, with that in mind I know how to spin my protagonist finding the information, the kind of story of discovery I want to tell, and a whole new way to approach his affects: it’s time for me to see just how many popular theories I can shove Taft into. It will be tricky not to make it very dark, but I think there’s enough less dark theories I can work with. In a way, maybe I can vindicate the “conspiracy theory” concept from its downward slide of recent decades.

Anyway tl;dr – not that anyone is reading this – I think I’m getting my excitement back. This is going to be fun. Also, need to read Taft 2012 after I finish this book, I can’t wait to see what other people did with the same source material.