May 8th, 2019

Morning writing is not quite back on track yet, which is the one piece I am missing at the moment. If my theory I have covered in previous entries is true then I would expect that, because my sleep pattern is a wreck right now.

Ok so “wreck” is a strong word. I had a few days last week that I did not manage my 7am wake up, but that’s elections for you. I recovered from that within a few days so to be honest I was expecting the disruption to be a lot worse. Also worthy of note, I was in the closest thing to “writers’ block” I’ve been in since the start of the 1K project, so I fell out of my morning writing routine because there weren’t words.

Now both of those are resolved, my theory would hold I have to chain a few days of good nights’ sleep and keep the words flowing, specifically the WHT words. If I keep the routine in tact until about Saturday I should be back on form.

Except, there is a catch, and that is none of this is fact; it’s all theories based on my previous pace, and I have not hit “the wall” yet. In running, the wall is a well known concept, where your body reaches what it thinks is your limit and tries to stop you. Ok that’s an oversimplification, but as an analogy for the 10k mark of any story it’s pretty apt, for me at least.

Again I believe I have talked about the 10,000 word problem that I have for some reason, where inexplicably every 10k words or so I “crash”, or more accurate, I have a stumble that either corrects in less than a day, or can take a week or more to shift. The start of WHT was an odd one because I started 10k words or so in, having started writing the project before I switched to VOL. That “crash” lasted about three weeks.

And well, no light way to put this, I’m sitting at the 8k mark now on the restart rewrite, so I will hit that barrier again soon. I have more faith I’ll break through it this time, but – in true “let’s not make this too EASY ON ME” fashion – I am scheduled from today to type up a minimum of 1k of Volcano in addition to any words of WHT I do. In other words watch this space, because I might be about to crash more than my blog currently has.

…Which means you can’t watch this space because the site is down. But no one is reading this anyway so hey, I guess I’ll just watch this space on my own.