May 7th, 2019

My sleep schedule is back in check at last, so that is a positive step forwards. It’s always frustrating when I get it back in order on a Tuesday, the day I am forced to stay up much later than I would choose to otherwise, but I’m confidant that I have this part of my life under control again.

When it comes to my writing things are somewhat the same. Yes I posted my blog entry for yesterday less than 12 hours ago so that was kind of late, but that included a 1K that got chapter 1 of WHT to within 300 words of completion, unless I riff and make it a 9,000 word chapter. I should stress, if I do make it a 9,000 word chapter that’s with the intention of cutting large chunks of it.

I hope that with the time I have remaining, which right now is 67 days to deadline that I can break out the first draft. As it stands, I see this as unlikely, as I would have to produce 1,000 words of WHT each day, and that has “BURNOUT!” written all over it. Who knows though. All I do know is I’m glad I am not too attached to these deadlines. That, and my next 3 month chunk of writing after July 13th is, a little different.