May 5th, 2019

My sleep pattern is a bit of a mess right now. I chained over two months or so of 7am starts, but I shouldn’t be too surprised that streak is broken. When I tell people how much I hate elections, they don’t really get that I mean because an election for me is like the flu for them. I’ve had by-elections I’ve ended up on my walking stick for several days after, and while my lifestyle improvements have seen me recover faster and with less issues this time, it’s no surprise I’ve had some hiccups.

Let’s survey the damage. My self care routine was right-sided but as if today is back where it was, and my sleep is within an hour of its sweet spot, so those are ok. My diet survived in perfect shape surprisingly, meaning I have a lot more willpower than I gave myself credit. I would say on that last one I remember now why I don’t have biscuits in the house however. Also, no more diet coke.

Tidiness suffered, but the damage is minor, and no worse than a stressful work week. So that just leaves writing. And this is where we go from grim but ok to downright incredible. My writing improved. I’m not just talking quantity of WHT though I have at all possible times produced that this past week; I’m talking quality of prose.

Today I have only got one commitment, a food shop. After that, I can do whatever the heck I like. I’m marathoning the MCU again every day and today is The Avengers, so that will be fun. Earlier writing would be nice so I will attempt to force that. Other than those though not a ton to report, except that I want to have my head on straight for work. Got to go back at least a tiny bit refreshed after so long on holiday.