April 20th, 2019

Have not written a single word yet today, so whoops. All told though I do not mind this, as I am sure that I was not going to write core content anyway. I want to keep writing the scene breakdown if for no other reason than it’s fun.

But the really cool news today is that my domain name is finally as it should be. I bought samshuttleworth.com several years ago and it’s been attached to one or two minor projects in that time. Now though I can at last point to it as my brand and show it off with pride, as there is a lot of content here now.

On that note, I need to start thinking about additional types of content I could do for this site, like articles and musings that allow me to show off my skill at a wider variety of writing styles. But for now, this weekend is about letting myself have something akin to a break after the intensity of the last 6-7 months.

For now, that takes the form of kicking the ass of AI Monopoly bots, because they overvalued money while undervaluing property. I will never understand why it’s so hard for a Monopoly bot to be good at this supposed “luck” based game.

April 19th, 2019

Ok so today I did everything right but for the 7 hours sleep, and I think at this point I can draw two draft conclusions worthy of a proper hypothesis and test:

A) If I get less than 8 hours sleep, it becomes near impossible for me to wrote in the morning. At less than 8 and 40 minutes, hitting target becomes impractical before I blog.

2) If I have a string of bad night’s sleep, even a good night doesn’t get me on the wagon again. I have to chain good nights before I can see the effects.

I’ve been debating with a morning jog to give fitness the extra hour instead of writing, but this feels defeatist. If I take time away from writing it becomes even less likely for me to hit my long term goals.

This morning though I had a minor exception to that attitude I stand by. It’s been a long standing problem for me that in low spells – which used to last for months not days – I would lose control of my tidiness and self care. 1K has reduced the time spent there, but the mess piles up fast.

So instead of starting at 7:35 when my Fitbit buzzed me to do so, I tidied the flat, and am going to go finish that after this. However today is no rush, and I wanted to go into town to get my exercise and a few things anyway, so I will grab a Costa – something I talked myself out of on Monday – and enjoy a hipster-style writing session.

…When I’ve drunk the perfectly good coffee that cost 1/20th of the price that’s sitting next to me as I type that is.

April 18th, 2019

One of those unusual days today, where I could not write at all this morning, then figured out it was not because I did not have the next scene ready to go – I did – but my anxiety over the structure as a whole, and desire to pace and structure correctly. So I sat down at work and started to type up the structure, rewriting the whole thing and even cutting the entire next chapter, and lo and behold I hit target in 30 minutes.

Ok, so typing, planning work and stream of consciousness are the trinity of easy-mode writing for me. There’s a reason that in the past I hit target 50 times with stream of consiousness documents when I felt I couldn’t write, and 7 times with similar works focused on my recovery from a break up. Oh incidentally, writing 1,000 word essays on where your head is at after an upsetting event like that, turns out is pretty darn amazing at getting you back on track at alarming speed.

So this is a double win, as I feel I can write some of Taft to boot, which will get me to the next “scene” without having to worry about target, and it means I can relax a little more today, where I’ve been anxious for the last few days following my dip. I should stress, 1K is not the source of that anxiety; that comes from a sense of lost control, which on hitting target 1K helps alleviate. It’s hard to explain, and when I do write about 1K in-depth one day I hope I can explain it better.

April 17th, 2019

Getting my head on straight again which is good. I have a bizarre theory about why I went off the deep end across the last week or so, and while I have little scientific data to back it up, I am interested in changing that as I track future projects with more data.

I think I have the novelist equivalent of post-natal depression. That, may be the dumbest, most pretentious and naive theory I have had about any topic. Ever. I also think it’s correct, and I do have anecdotal evidence. When I finished Unreachable, its rewrite and Spectrum 1.0, I remember that I had the drive to jump into a new project, and that instead I sunk into a fug that an immediate type up only made worse.

So, I need to look up if there are lessons to be learned from the more mainstream branch of the condition that I can apply to my idiotic brain. I share this in the hopes you get a good laugh at my expense imaginary reader.

Other than that, I have new progress in my dietary plan, in that I’ve decided I am doing it all wrong. Ok so I didn’t decide, I found extra reading that debunked a lot of the assumptions I came in with – ‘fat = bad’, ‘total calories totally doesn’t obscure going over my carbs limit’, ‘I have any idea what I am doing’ etc. So I’m having a rethink, and I might start transitioning over to the Fitbit app for a lot of data, so long as I can get my workout app to talk to it.

Oh and I wrote some words. Yay.

April 16th, 2019

The last two days were not a high point of the 1K project as a whole, or in general. I always have a crash after my birthday without fail, but it’s surprising how disruptive it is when I have an actual routine that gets bulldozed. I didn’t miss target, though dark nights of the soul made me wonder if this was when I would. What I did lose was my exercise streak, which sucks but I can rebuild that.

On that note, I am shaking up my routine a little bit. For one thing, not so much a change but a firmer hand, I need to blog at 10-11 each day. I let that slip because I did not want to face posting Current Daily Word Count (CDWC) as 0. Pride got the better of me, but the whole reason I do that is a wake up call. The two bigger changes are working out – now at 17:50 each day, not 20:00 to 22:00 – and my personal journal – a 20:30 activity now.

To ease this transition, I am setting alarms on my Fitbit, and for exercise on my phone too, in the hopes this eases a transition. We will see if this makes a difference, but in bed between 21:00 and 22:00 is the dream. If I can do that today – a Tuesday, RP day – then I can do it any day.

April 15th, 2019

Ok, I’m getting back in control now. I have to respect that the end of a project is far more exhausting than I have it credit, and does need a breather.

I have to hit target, so no I won’t be staying at 0 words, but I may just do planning today and that’s fine. Apart from anything while I don’t want to waste time, I have 8,000 words of Taft in the bag already.

A relaxed approach will stop this becoming a chore. Later I can “type of that becomes a chore” because I’ll be typing Volcano as I write Taft. However I do need that headspace so I can be objectively critical.

I am doing fine, but it’s healthy for me to keep accountability alive. No one reads this blog but it means I am publicly accountable. If I start to build a following, this space will be how I am judged along with the work itself.

There is a reason my mantra says “Don’t let this task destroy your health”, and I am quite often producing 1,100 words of story, meaning my 15 day allowance, or 21 with my remaining added buffer goes up by one every 10 days.

I love how mechanical this all is.

April 14th, 2019

I don’t know if this is burnout or not, but I feel off today. I had a very busy day which could not be helped, and I’ve lost most of my holiday to busy days. I need to book some more time off soon and quarantine it.

Written nothing today and doubt I’ll write WHT, more likely I’ll do a one shot. That’s fine I allow for days like this in my roadmap, well over two weeks worth, but still.

I’m doing ok on the diet but today will be another “over” day and I got forcibly kept from being able to exercise properly, so that kind of sucks. But tomorrow will be different, I will work to ensure it.

April 13th, 2019

I almost wrote this at 10, but today I decided it would be nicer to have hit target first, so I just did so with 1,130 words of William Howard Taft did Everything. This is the first time I’ve seamlessly jumped from one story to another within a day of finishing the former, and my god does it feel good.

Birthday has been busy, and I’ve been trying to be as chill as I can this weekend to let some of my pent up stress ebb away. I feel like a new person for it. That’s important as the new story demands a fresh mind, which I’ll be storyboarding tonight.

I do want to get back to blogging earlier though.

So today is it, 200 days of 1K. It’s surreal to think I’ve written so much in a short space of time, well in excess of 210,000 words. I’ve learned a lot about myself, and defeated or made peace with many demons. I can’t wait to see what the next 100 days shows me, and I’m so happy day 200 could fall on my birthday. I will treasure this milestone.

April 11th, 2019

Short one again. Today’s been a funny old one, and while Volcano will be finished tomorrow, I’m in a bit of a weird way. My routine is ever so slightly out of whack. Must use the next four days to fix that. Anyway, sorry for the late one.