April 27th, 2019

I thought I’d feel bad for taking a series of quiet days in a row, so it’s surprising just how great I’m feeling right now. I think my bullhead approach to “no do this now” isn’t bad, but resisting it for this short time has done me some wonders.

My reticence to doing so makes sense, as I have in the past drifted off from writing after I finish major projects and become rudderless. 1K, journalling and this blog have all prevented that, and posting “CDWC: 0” each day recently has been tough, and been a firm reminder that I can’t just stay like this.

My mantra contains the line “Take a break if you feel done”, and like it has for a lot of parts of my life this has proven itself to be the exact right approach for me. So today is another lazier day – though I’ve restarted my workout routine, in the mornings now – and I’ll ease myself back into the latest novel when I feel ready.