April 23rd, 2019

Today was one of my better starts to a day in recent weeks, which makes sense as the last two weeks have both been a mixed bag to be sure. The end of Volcano hit me harder than I gave it credit, and I should have allowed for this in my roadmap, but lesson learned. In the meantime I have also come to accept that my exercise routine is in need of reform.

The reasons for the latter are numerous, but boil down to one point: I can’t invent hours of the day. I have only a set number to work with, and my active minutes are allowed to rocket because walking forms a natural fluid part of this broader routine. My solution right now is going to be a transfer to Fitbit’s own exercise routines, and to see whether the all in one solution works.

I am also a thousand words off of today’s ideal goal, even whilst at 604. This is because if I chain 5 days of 1,600 words I catch up with minimal lost time to my previous progress with William Howard Taft, now that I have decided to start the entire project over again. It was no doubt the right thing to do, but it will create an additional strain that means I must get to bed on time each night. Without mornings of at least 500-600 words there is no chance.