April 21st, 2019

Oh, my, god, I am, shattered. I was up till 1am drinking with friends and just having a chill day, then wrote a strange little piece to hit target (See here). All in all I’m glad I managed to get up at 7:01 on 4 hours sleep, but if I hit target with Taft OC I’ll be amazed.

Still struggling with drinking enough water. I swear if I could just have my water cooler by my desk at work follow me wherever I went I’d be a happy bunny. But ah well, that would be a bit surreal anyway. Kinda hard to go to the Cinema or, well anywhere ever.

I need to stop lugging 8 kilos of Magic cards with me wherever I go. I used One deck yesterday, and my spine is furious. Old me would go home and sleep through the rest of today. These new standards are as much of a pain in the back as, well as 8 kilos of expensive cardboard.