April 20th, 2019

Have not written a single word yet today, so whoops. All told though I do not mind this, as I am sure that I was not going to write core content anyway. I want to keep writing the scene breakdown if for no other reason than it’s fun.

But the really cool news today is that my domain name is finally as it should be. I bought samshuttleworth.com several years ago and it’s been attached to one or two minor projects in that time. Now though I can at last point to it as my brand and show it off with pride, as there is a lot of content here now.

On that note, I need to start thinking about additional types of content I could do for this site, like articles and musings that allow me to show off my skill at a wider variety of writing styles. But for now, this weekend is about letting myself have something akin to a break after the intensity of the last 6-7 months.

For now, that takes the form of kicking the ass of AI Monopoly bots, because they overvalued money while undervaluing property. I will never understand why it’s so hard for a Monopoly bot to be good at this supposed “luck” based game.