April 19th, 2019

Ok so today I did everything right but for the 7 hours sleep, and I think at this point I can draw two draft conclusions worthy of a proper hypothesis and test:

A) If I get less than 8 hours sleep, it becomes near impossible for me to wrote in the morning. At less than 8 and 40 minutes, hitting target becomes impractical before I blog.

2) If I have a string of bad night’s sleep, even a good night doesn’t get me on the wagon again. I have to chain good nights before I can see the effects.

I’ve been debating with a morning jog to give fitness the extra hour instead of writing, but this feels defeatist. If I take time away from writing it becomes even less likely for me to hit my long term goals.

This morning though I had a minor exception to that attitude I stand by. It’s been a long standing problem for me that in low spells – which used to last for months not days – I would lose control of my tidiness and self care. 1K has reduced the time spent there, but the mess piles up fast.

So instead of starting at 7:35 when my Fitbit buzzed me to do so, I tidied the flat, and am going to go finish that after this. However today is no rush, and I wanted to go into town to get my exercise and a few things anyway, so I will grab a Costa – something I talked myself out of on Monday – and enjoy a hipster-style writing session.

…When I’ve drunk the perfectly good coffee that cost 1/20th of the price that’s sitting next to me as I type that is.