April 18th, 2019

One of those unusual days today, where I could not write at all this morning, then figured out it was not because I did not have the next scene ready to go – I did – but my anxiety over the structure as a whole, and desire to pace and structure correctly. So I sat down at work and started to type up the structure, rewriting the whole thing and even cutting the entire next chapter, and lo and behold I hit target in 30 minutes.

Ok, so typing, planning work and stream of consciousness are the trinity of easy-mode writing for me. There’s a reason that in the past I hit target 50 times with stream of consiousness documents when I felt I couldn’t write, and 7 times with similar works focused on my recovery from a break up. Oh incidentally, writing 1,000 word essays on where your head is at after an upsetting event like that, turns out is pretty darn amazing at getting you back on track at alarming speed.

So this is a double win, as I feel I can write some of Taft to boot, which will get me to the next “scene” without having to worry about target, and it means I can relax a little more today, where I’ve been anxious for the last few days following my dip. I should stress, 1K is not the source of that anxiety; that comes from a sense of lost control, which on hitting target 1K helps alleviate. It’s hard to explain, and when I do write about 1K in-depth one day I hope I can explain it better.