April 17th, 2019

Getting my head on straight again which is good. I have a bizarre theory about why I went off the deep end across the last week or so, and while I have little scientific data to back it up, I am interested in changing that as I track future projects with more data.

I think I have the novelist equivalent of post-natal depression. That, may be the dumbest, most pretentious and naive theory I have had about any topic. Ever. I also think it’s correct, and I do have anecdotal evidence. When I finished Unreachable, its rewrite and Spectrum 1.0, I remember that I had the drive to jump into a new project, and that instead I sunk into a fug that an immediate type up only made worse.

So, I need to look up if there are lessons to be learned from the more mainstream branch of the condition that I can apply to my idiotic brain. I share this in the hopes you get a good laugh at my expense imaginary reader.

Other than that, I have new progress in my dietary plan, in that I’ve decided I am doing it all wrong. Ok so I didn’t decide, I found extra reading that debunked a lot of the assumptions I came in with – ‘fat = bad’, ‘total calories totally doesn’t obscure going over my carbs limit’, ‘I have any idea what I am doing’ etc. So I’m having a rethink, and I might start transitioning over to the Fitbit app for a lot of data, so long as I can get my workout app to talk to it.

Oh and I wrote some words. Yay.