April 15th, 2019

Ok, I’m getting back in control now. I have to respect that the end of a project is far more exhausting than I have it credit, and does need a breather.

I have to hit target, so no I won’t be staying at 0 words, but I may just do planning today and that’s fine. Apart from anything while I don’t want to waste time, I have 8,000 words of Taft in the bag already.

A relaxed approach will stop this becoming a chore. Later I can “type of that becomes a chore” because I’ll be typing Volcano as I write Taft. However I do need that headspace so I can be objectively critical.

I am doing fine, but it’s healthy for me to keep accountability alive. No one reads this blog but it means I am publicly accountable. If I start to build a following, this space will be how I am judged along with the work itself.

There is a reason my mantra says “Don’t let this task destroy your health”, and I am quite often producing 1,100 words of story, meaning my 15 day allowance, or 21 with my remaining added buffer goes up by one every 10 days.

I love how mechanical this all is.