April 10th, 2019

Today I didn’t write in the morning for two reasons. The first was I had a late night, and by late I mean 11, not like 2 or 3, so all that meant was I was not up to writing early. That’s ok, as I feel I can use my breaks to write now, as I’ve been working that back into my routine. It’s made me more productive at work too, because I get head space away from my main duties, so I need to maintain this.

The other reason was I went to go get my blood tests done right away. They were going to be awhile away originally, but had to be bumped right up to today because, well because there is concern that the lump on my neck has a chance of being bad. There’s a lot of cases it could be a symptom for, and I am avoiding speculating. All the same, it’s not nice to have this looming cloud.

In a way though, the fact Volcano is still going to be finished well within my deadline is heartening. I feel like 1K – my mantra of writing 1,000 words a day and building my wellbeing around that – is paying off when I face the scary parts of life. I hope this ends up as a health blip – and I am sure it will be nothing serious – but it’s nice to know if it is bad, I am ready for a fight.