April 8th, 2019

Sorry about the short cryptic post yesterday. I know no one really reads this, but I do not like doing small vague posts. I mean, who is ever going to want to read updates like that?

So here’s the situation: I have swollen lymph nodes as mentioned before. What’s new, is that I am now being referred for ultrasound and blood tests, which are normal steps and nothing to be alarmed about, but are a few steps above “Just take these antibiotics and you will be fine.”

I’m not focused on the what-ifs, but yesterday I had a short bout of that, hence my feeling of needing some time to myself and the micro post. Today I woke at 6:30 and ended up still not being that productive, about 400 words or so before I left the house.

So I think I’m getting back on track, but we’re a ways off of a 6:30am push. That would be a dream if I achieved it, but is not vital in the short-term. For now I will keep going as I am and focus on getting to Volcano’s finish line.