April 6th, 2019

Been a weird sort of day today. I forgot to do my blog because my word count was dragging in the low figures – spoilers, it still is – and I think I crashed a little. Inevitable maybe but frustrating. Still there’s no rule that says I have to blog in the morning. There’s not even a rule that says I have to blog.

See that’s the thing I used to struggle with. I reasoned if you make a ton of rules that cover everything, you have a better chance of success. The problem with that is that if I break just one rule, even the ones that were working fall apart.

So I only have one rule, and each other part is optional. ‘Write one thousand words a day‘. That’s it. Heck I don’t even count this blog towards it but there’s no rule to say I couldn’t. It’s funny how having one principle you never break can have so many optional rules around it and that works. If I ever figure out how the heck I pulled this off I’ll let you know.

Right, time to bank what I can before I go out. Will write at mums again if I need to, not the end of the world. That only happens in the stories.