April 5th, 2019

Suprise suprise, by getting to bed and asleep by half 11 – no matter what my Fitbit tried to claim otherwise – I screwed myself out of a morning of writing. Ok so in a way it was beyond my control. I was out at dads and lost track of time, whilst getting over an illness that has cost me up to an hour of sleep a night as it is, so was only on 909 by the time I got home at 9:45.

At the same time, this is why I should be aiming to finish up by 5 each night. I mean come on, it’s right there on the fourth line of my mantra. I have little excuse for ignoring it besides a stubborn refusal to take my breaks at work aside from to write these posts. I mean heck, 10-15 minutes to do that is a major improvement on where I was before but still.

I do need to try and bank an extra good day if I want a chance of finishing Volcano on or before my birthday. That’s still not an absolute requirement, but I would like to. If I can get my act together tonight, I should have no problem doing so over the weekend. That is assuming that I don’t crash more from my run-down mystery illness.

I have to stay relaxed. I should be relaxed, I am on top of all my tasks at work to the point I am running out of tasks, I am eating well and feeling good from it. I am being active and feeling positive. My writing is consistant and the quality of my initial drafts is improving all the time.