April 4th, 2019

Starting to feel more like myself again, though the neck/lymph nodes are a little tender still so got to ease myself into the weekend.

I’m hoping to smash target by about 500 or so words today to give myself a fighting chance of hitting the April 13th deadline for Volcano, as that is 200 days of 1K by a freaky coincidence.

Also today if I have the downtime for it around that I want to redesign this site a little, to put my mantra/manifesto in the space below the page title. If I remember I still need to take down Unreachable from here and replace it with the “locked in” PDF version.

All in all a good day so far. My one angst is that my weight has plateaued and I’m not sure how to overcome that hurdle. You’d have thought a 1,700 calorie diet with low carbs and fats and 30-40 minutes of exercise in a variety of forms every day would be enough.

Then again for most people losing almost a stone and a half would be enough, but hey, I’m stubborn.