April 3rd, 2019

I think I’m returning to form! Most of me is anyway. My lymph node on my neck is much less swollen today and not as painful, which may be because I downed a ton of painkillers and anti-inflammatories but a win is a win, and I don’t look a gift lymph node in the, whatever the hell it has.

I am within grasping distance of Volcano’s final chapter, and if I can I intend to blast past the 376 words needed to hit target for today and instead focus on the goal of finishing Chapter 8. If I can, then I have a home stretch of nine days to finish the final chapter before my self-imposed deadline. That’s still a big stretch as I want to include an epilogue to this story too, but is doable if I have a last day push, which I think I will be motivated to do.

In the meantime I feel vindicated that I am able to overcome stuff like this and keep going regardless. I doubt this will be the last hurdle in my writing – well, no duh – but each victory makes me feel that little bit more in control.