April 1st, 2019

I’d make some daft April Fools style announcement, but it would feel a smidge self gratifying without anyone reading this. Of course I already got April Fooled in March with that damn fake publication offer, so I guess I prank’d myself enough for one year there.

Good work today, not target but I think I need to stop looking at 1K before work, or even 1K by midday – as nice a ring as that has – as being my goals. My goal is 1K a day, and right now my left hand side cervical lymph node is swollen to all hell I am guessing because of stress, so that may be my body’s not so subtle way of telling me to cut it out.

Good news is that I have most of chapter 8 in the bag now. I wrote a short story for target yesterday that I am not publishing here because it was horrific. It was not bad writing at all, but it was morbid to an extreme and I felt pretty wretched after writing it. If I change my mind I’ll post it.