March 17th, 2019

Had a rough day yesterday. Forcing myself back into a 7am start worked, but it left me so shattered I couldn’t start writing until 11, and ended up only doing 475 words of Volcano. So I wrote a 1,000 word short story to get me to target and accepted it wasn’t meant to be.

I then only managed to get into bed gone 11. Bad chain, this meant I got up at 7, but was just as exhausted as yesterday. So the same thing is happening: it’s 11am now, and I’m at 560 – which is better than yesterday – but only started after 10.

I want to get to quota with Volcano, and then try to have a maximum rest day. I’m getting burned out by how busy I am right now with all my commitments, and I want to take a step back from them. 1K is the hardest to do that with but I want to try to churn out 440 words and worry about them having any merit later. That’s how I prefer to write anyway.

March 16th, 2019

I got up at 7, so I defied the risk after two hyper-active days on Thursday and Friday that I would slip back into my old ways, and I consider that a victory. But my word count is only just over a third of target, and that’s all since 10. If I’d written this an hour ago when I normally would start to, it would be zero.

I think that was me being shattered and needing to ease back into the positive routine, and 375 before midday is still impressive by my old standards, but I hope today is a one-off. I didn’t write out what I wanted to have happen yesterday in today’s writing so that didn’t help motivation.

Being able to get up and look at two paragraphs that tell me what to write makes such a huge difference. It’s why I’ve always been able to turn out writing fast if it was commissioned. I work best with structure (funny that) so having a plan helps.

Well that plan is written now and I’ll try to get close to target before midday if I can.

March 15th, 2019

My body did not take the physical strain of yesterday evening well. It’s frustrating because it’s not like I pushed it far, but for various medical reasons my body gets peeved at me for over exertion, and the open evening yesterday made it cross.

I slept through all my alarms and woke up at 8. I’m angry about that because I have been doing really well, but I have to brush it off and do better tomorrow, no point in getting annoyed.

As I had a shorter morning my total for today is much lower than the last few days. But I’m confident before 5 I can smash target. I will also try to send off another copy of Unreachable today as I didn’t manage to yesterday.

Stay the course.

March 14th, 2019

I hit 920 words before I left the house today, thanks to spending just five minutes the night before sketching out what I wanted to have happen in the next day’s thousand words. By the time all my reports were run off for the morning at work – where I have to wait for the computer to process them anyway so may as well write while I do – I hit 1,066.

To say I have conquered mornings still feels premature, but to achieve that at this point all I have to do is keep this momentum up, and at this point it is starting to feel effortless. Don’t get me wrong, I will push myself in time to aim for new heights, but for the time being I am over the moon with where I am right now.

So with my energy for the rest of today, I will write a brief summary of what I want to produce with my 1K tomorrow, which later I’ll copy onto my whiteboard at home, and then send off Unreachable to some more agents.

In less than two weeks 1K as a new lifestyle will be 6 months old. If I could at the start of this journey have seen where I’d be in such a short space of time, I would never have believed it. About the only thing that could make things perfect at this point would be getting representation. So, here’s to that.

March 13th, 2019

Not quite the same rush as yesterday, which I was disappointed about until I realised writing 535 words before I even leave for work is huge by my old standard. I mean…

Pre-September 2018: I write in bursts, but at most do a couple thousand words a month, and sometimes go months without writing anything.

October-December 2018: I write a thousand words each day, about half of it rambling thoughts.

January 2018: I start to exclude the 300 words of diary entries I do every day. I then just, stop writing the rambling brain dumps as part of it too.

February 2018: I start blogging every day on top of 1,000 words and my diary entry.

March 2018: I start getting most and sometimes all of my writing done before 11am each day.

That’s, mindblowing progress. I’m glad that it is not enough for me though. I have not felt ambition like this since my childhood. For the first time I’m thinking past tomorrow.

More Volcano today, and at least one more book submission. Let’s do this.

March 12th, 2019

I’m lost for words. Which is good as – and because – I hit target 50 minutes ago. I wrote 755 words at home, and then while my reports ran this morning at work wrote the remaining quota to hit 1,000. This is unreal.

So plan for today is, well whatever I feel like. I think this is a great opportunity for me to use any and all down time at work to start firing off letters to agents for Unreachable and to spam Twitter. I think I should start to follow and interact with more people. I should also probably start being more funny, which is a sentence that cries out for a punchline I can’t think of right now.

So, yeah. Guess I’ll go get Unreachable ready to send.

March 11th, 2019

It’s strange how much difference two cups of coffee in the morning makes to my head. I have caffiene jitters, so I may have pushed it too far, but I think so long as I give it a while – at least until after lunch – before I have another I should be fine.

This morning though, I mean wow. Excuse my sentence fragment, but I think when you produce 714 words before even setting off for work you can justify the excitement. My routine is so solid now that providing I don’t have any gaps in my mental plan for how to play out the scene, I can produce that quota or near to on demand. That is insane.

So um, plan for today is, 286 words of Volcano. Somehow, I think that might be doable. Assuming I don’t have some kind of caffiene induced heart problems in the meantime.