March 28th, 2019

One of my weaker weekdays on recent record, but I am ok with that. It would be unrealistic of me to assume I could always hit a thousand words within a far more limited timeframe than one day, though had I not needed to leave for work I would have kept going past 8:28am and would have hit target with ease.

So why was today a bad day? That’s not a fair question as I would argue it was not a bad day, but there were a few factors that impaired it:

  • My vision for the ensuing scene wasn’t as clear as it could have been. I had my plan for the scene written out on my whiteboard, but there was a lot of vague language. The real problem was…
  • The ‘scene’ I wrote up turned into at least 2. That’s a good thing as it gives me a lot more meat to work with – an odd thing to crave as a vegetarian but hey. The issue is I didn’t expand on the component parts enough, so the chase sequence started, and I had the familiar voice go “now what?”. The scene calls for a tension that I did not have a good enough framework to accommodate. That’s no big deal, I’ll rewrite the whole sequence when I type it to make it more intense.
  • I got to bed past 11. This one was because a friend was feeling vulnerable and I stayed up to chat to them. I stand by the heart of that action, but I should be being stricter about not looking at my phone after 10. However that will not always be possible and I accept that in this case, it was the right thing to do.

This continues to uphold my “asleep by 11 = easy target by 8:40” hypothesis, which I am keeping vague track of but might write-up in neat later if I start tracking my sleep schedule. All the same, it wasn’t a bad morning. I got 700 words, I’ll easily add 300 at least on my breaks, and if not I can pick that up in the evening even if this is not ideal.

I’m trying in a loose sense to twist the part of my mantra that says “finish up by 5 each night”, which was meant to refer to caffeine intake more than word count to be my goal when hitting target, but this isn’t a hard rule.

As today at work I am trying to figure out a complex SQL document with my limited self-taught coding skills, I think I appreciate the chance to get away and solve an easier problem like a high-speed snail boat chase with krakens. SQL confuses me more than that for some reason.