March 26th, 2019

I’ve hit 1,656 words so far today. That sounds really impressive, but for reasons that won’t become clear unless you read Volcano one day – and my future editor tolerates my sense of humour – 1,000 of those words do not count. I could count them, they are normal words and they are part of the story. The issue is they are all a little too, similar.

Turns out even when you have every word already planned out it’s harder than you’d think to write 1,000 words. In fact, I found out an interesting potential hypothesis: not knowing what you’re going to write, and thus needing to think as you do, reduces your brain’s focus on the physical actions required to write, meaning your hands hurt less. Weird if perhaps one day useful factoid to test.

So today I will have 2,000 words of Volcano to show for my troubles, and 3,000 total of the penultimate chapter. That’s surreal and wonderful in equal measure, and feels pretty sweet. That also means I am 15,000 words off my minimum requirement for finishing Volcano, so that gives me immense satisfaction. It’s a first draft, and even when I type it and it becomes a second, it needs a hell of a lot of work. But I am proud. Today is a good day.

No surprises, but I got to bed at 9:30/10. I think my theory is holding its own.