March 25th, 2019

My theory is getting more and more evidence by the day. I never respected how much impact the time I went to sleep had, fixating on the amount of sleep far too much. I think this added a tension to when I woke up, and meant even if I got 10 hours, if I was sleeping at 2am, I was anxious on waking how much I had to do in the time I had, with no routine to act as comfort.

Writing that out makes me think, well, “no sh-” but I avoid swearing on my blog because, professional image and all so I’ll let you complete that one imaginary reader. Getting an early night on its own was never enough because where was the motivation to do anything with it when I woke up? It was an excuse to lie in until 8:20 anyway, then roll out of bed and into work. Given my size at times, ‘roll’ might not be a metaphor.

Today I hit target at 8:22, a new record that I will smash tomorrow. That’s not over-confidence, I have the dumbest scene I will ever write to do, and it is 1,000 words long. I have the entire text already written in my head, which sounds a lot more impressive than it should. When you read Chapter 8 one day you can see why for yourself. But it is the closest to a rest day I’ll ever have with 1K – excluding when I later type it up, but I do not think I’ll count it that time as it will take 2 minutes to do, if that – so I’m taking it.