March 24th, 2019

Yeah my little theory that later nights mean later writing and it gets a lot worse even with small pushes, is holding up. I’m under half way to target and it’s 11:10am, so I’m even writing this late. I was at 0 at 10am and for a while afterwards too. Was for a good reason – I was keeping a friend who is going through a rough patch after a break up company – but the disruption of getting to bed at 11:20pm was real, and brutal.

I’m able to recover from this by being efficient with today, and it is Sunday, which has become my favourite day of the week. It’s a relaxed day like Saturday, I feel more rested because I let the tension subside on Saturday, and I have Linda McCartney Vegetarian Crispy Duck as my Sunday dinner, which has become one of my favourite foods. It might even be my favourite at this point. Plus it’s got a metric ton of protein, so great veggie food.

Despite a rocky start I feel energised to finish writing Chapter 7 of Volcano today. The next two chapters are a bit like one long action sequence, so it’s going to be an exciting bit of writing for me. My target is to produce at least 20,000 more words of Volcano spread across these two chapters and an epilogue. If I manage to do 1K of Volcano a day, that puts the finishing line for the first draft right on my birthday. I am fine with not managing this, but if I did, it would be amazing.

No harm in shooting for the moon.