March 23rd, 2019

Had a slower Saturday. I started writing around 10 ish, and I’m going to get into why in  a minute. I have hit target for today, and did so at 10:55, so still a good day, but there’s some useful data I wish I could track easier which I may attempt to now, for a hypothesis I could assume is true without testing, but may as well.

The time I go to bed affects how much I write and when I write in the morning the next day. This sounds obvious, but I think it’s more drastic than I ever imagined. If I go to bed at 9, and am falling asleep around or past 10 by a small amount, I wake up and write 1,000 with ease before 9am. If I shift this by an hour, I can do the same, but I end up struggling to start on time and end up spilling over, like I did on Friday morning.

If I shift it another hour still, the change is huge. I can’t write at 7:35, or 40, or even at 8am. I push too much fatigue in the way to wake my brain up with a coffee and breakfast. I end up playing catch up and hit target if I devote all my energies to it at about 11am. The key word there is “all”.

This is why on work nights, I need to aim to be in bed at 9. That valuable morning writing time is locked off to me if I do not, and if I push myself to 10 I add unnecessary stress to my morning. If I push myself to 11pm to sleep, then from 9am the next day I cannot devote all my focus to writing. I have a 9 to 5 job and until or if I ever make writing my main source of income, that 9am to 11am time slot is locked off to me.

I write my blog post at work, and I keep that to a ten minute exercise while some reports are using up the RAM on my laptop. I cannot justify writing more at work mentally because I care about giving my all to my job, and doing any less affects me on a deep level. My work is a passion, not a mere paycheck.

So I will try to track this in some way, and see if my theory holds up. Either way, what I can say for sure is I feel far better after an earlier night, so for that alone I need to start doing more of them.