March 22nd, 2019

I didn’t hit target before I left the house today. I only made it to 957 words. I just want to savour that moved goalpost for a moment, I only wrote 957 words this morning. I am well aware that I could slip back into late night writing, but far from being hard to stick at, my exercise routine has made it easier to motivate myself to write in the morning. The evening is now for a specific use.

My diet has been reformed from the ground up. 15g of protein powder in the evening and 600g of fat-free cottage cheese now make up the backbone of my intake, including the 300g of the latter that has now replaced breakfast.

All told this adds £70 to my food costs per month, but it also reduces costs in other areas that I’ve cut because of it. For one, and it pains me a little to say this, I am cutting cheddar and tortilla chips from my diet. My favourite part of the pasta bake is no more. RIP. Same goes for crisps at work, falafel, and a handful of other persona non grata. But baked camembert survives the purge, as it turns out it’s super good in my new plan.

This whole health revolution might be on the scale of 1K. That’s a pretty fitting celebration of the 6 month mark.