March 21st, 2019

Whenever I have a good day, it gets followed by a bad one. I wrote words to that effect five years ago, when a good day had to be 2,000 words plus, and was often followed by multiple days of no writing at all. I still held onto that sentiment for a long time, even after I started 1K, with “good” coming to mean I hit target in a reasonable time frame. By that logic, yesterday was a good day because I hit target at 8:35.

So today I haven’t written much of anything right?

8:37. Two minutes behind, but I started ten minutes later. I am not a slave to good and bad days. I am not bound by internal entropy that forces me to fall into disorder after a taste of what could have been. I smashed my exercise targets yesterday, was in bed long before 10, kept my food intake to a healthy level and didn’t rush myself.

So you know what? That isn’t a “good” day anymore. That is my standard. I may not hit 1K before 9 every day, but I will in principle keep up the front-loaded model. I will keep the fitness routine and expand it. I will find a source of protien that doesn’t make me gag.

I can do this.

Oh and I will get published. At some point.